About Us

In 2016 we had a dream to have our own Vegan health & well-being brand to build a community. Health & well-being became one of our true passions as part of our spiritual & weight loss journey. We realised the importance of good health and how it can affect one’s life experience. Studying holistic nutrition from many different herbalists, has given us the knowledge to begin this journey with great confidence. Due to some complications in our lives at the time, our dream was held back, however God’s timing is everything. Throughout the years we still continued to manifest. As some of you know we have been selling our products by word of mouth since early this summer. We now want to share this experience with the rest of the world. Divine Heals London is not a business as such, but a community project. We will be doing heaps of charitable work in the nearby future where you can come¬†join us too. We are also working towards a huge universal project for everyone to congregate, which will be announced in the nearby future. For every purchase and support you give, contributes towards this dream, and that is to look after humanity. Together we heal. Please follow, share & support @divinehealslondon.

‘Every human being is the author of his own health or disease’- Buddha. Yours truly. From our hearts to yours. Namast√©.